projects - portal about gaming under linux.
password manager - a password manager for console.
digitech - interpreter for digital expressions.
openwrt - projects around the openwrt project.
lomoco - configures vendor-specific options on Logitech USB mice.

landial - host/client tool for dialing an internet connection remotely.
ticketizer_suite - ticket-/helpdesk system for little companies with it-department
nios2 - nios2 with custom hardware driven with uclinux
realtime-comparison - linux realtime comparison

acerhdf - control the fan of the acer aspire one
tplink-radio - tiny webradio device based on tplink 703n router
magled - a maglite LEDmod
stapled - a 1 minute led diy
firefox os - firefox os stuff

little things - some little things.
documents - several documents about my projects, studies and so on.
quake - quake 3 tweaks and configs