tplink 703 webradio

recently i bought a few of those incredible tiny and cheap routers called tplink 703n (more info). i started thinking about, what can be done with those devices and came up with the idea of building a small web radio device.
download (gpl): package (including readme file with detailed info) Images for 703v1.7

pictures: closed: opened: video:
closed open click

hardware overview:
* cheap usb soundcard is connected to the usb port of the tplink
* old speaker of a mobile is connected to the speaker plug (plus resistor to get 24 Ohm)
* atmel attiny85 (or 45) is connected to the uart of the tplink router
* two potentiometers for tune and volume setting

software overview: (everything included in the packages above)
* tplink is running openwrt
* atmel is running soft uart stack
* wget and madplay are used to play streams and an ash script to read out the potentiometers and manage the radio