Welcome to piie.net. Stay a moment and catch a brief glimpse of things I do.



Nowadays more and more companies use desk-sharing concepts and I developed a simple web based tool to allow employees reserving their desks in an intuitive way. Hopefully this will help to stop some Excel-sheet madness ;)


cambot - yihack telegram integration

If you don't want to expose your webcams to the internet to someone else's cloud and have a yihack compatible camera, this bot might be useful to you. It allows to have a simple button based interface through telegram and even forwards MQTT events like motion or sound detection.


RC Crawler

Recently I bought a 1:24 scale RC crawler and I just created a small track with some obstacles to challenge its offroad capabilities.


Vfio setup - piping a dedicated GPU into KVM

There are several tutorials out there about how to setup a Windows10 KVM environment with a dedicated GPU to run windows games without doing dual boot. However most of them are kind of outdated or are using libvirt, pulseaudio or other stuff I don't want to use. Thus here's my "keep it simple stupid" solution.


New Homepage is Online

Finally I found the time (or motivation?) to update this website. The old one was around for more than 14 years and it was overdue to create something new. All content of the original page has been inherited.


Solving Git Merge Conflicts Using .rej

If you are used to solve merge conflicts in the good old way with .rej files, you can do that with git too... with little config magic and some merge driver script.


spread0r - a speed reading tool

Inspired from a commercial speed reading tool, which you can't really try out, I shortly implemented my own interpretation of such a speed reading tool. It is amazing, how fast you can read using this tool (and how fast you get exhausted when doing so ;).


webshell on firefox os

as long as there's no ssh client available on firefox os, there's the possibility to use a webshell over https


mini tplink radio

i built a tiny web radio device using tplink 703n router, a usb soundcard, mobile speaker and an atmel attiny85.



a small tool which opens /dev/ttySx for reading and writing


quake 3 configs online

as many people are asking for my quake 3 config files, i put them online. additionally some small hints and tips regarding id's best shooter.



my diploma thesis, about comparing different realtime solutions for linux from a practical point of view