nios2 uclinux and additional hardware

in my studies of computer engineering we had to accomplish a bigger project in sixth semester. three fellows and i decided to work on nios2 processor from altera which is available as vhdl code and can be configured on fpga. we implemented additional hardware (8-bit parallel io port) for this processor in vhdl, configured it on fpga, wrote a linux driver for uclinux and documented everything from the installation of the toolchain through to the implementation of the driver.

the final documentation can be downloaded here:
pdf source

we had to present the project in front of the class:
pdf presentation src presentation

furthermore we had to make some phases with different output in this project:
pdf phase 1 src phase 1 pdf phase 2 src phase 2 pdf phase 3 src phase 3

the sources we wrote can be downloaded here:
src files