acerhdf is a tool to monitor and control the fan of the popular acer aspire one netbook.
it is included in mainline kernel since 2.6.31. but on this page you can get my current local development state, which is going to be merged into mainline in the future.
!!! use it at your own risk !!! no acer d150 and d250 support !!!

linux-3.8: v0.5.30b (including workaround for bug in thermal-layer)
linux-3.6+3.7: v0.5.30b (workaround too)
linux-2.6.30-3.5: v0.5.30b
up to linux-2.6.29: version 0.4.0-3
only linux-2.6.24: version 0.2.2-2

linux-2.6.24: version 0.2 version 0.2.1 version 0.2.2
up to linux-2.6.29: version 0.4.0 version 0.4.0-2
linux-2.6.30+: v0.5.6 v0.5.13 v0.5.13-2 v0.5.16 v0.5.17 v0.5.19 v0.5.20 v0.5.21 v0.5.22 v0.5.23 v0.5.24 v0.5.25

!!! don't use these packages, as there may be race-conditions between userspace and kernelspace !!!
version 0.1 version 0.1.1 version 0.1.2

crap: version 0.3