hello and welcome to my little project webpage.
i made this page with the idea of having a platform to publish all my projects which are not big enough to have a separate site.
enjoy surfing on the page and don't hesitate to contact me, if you've got some advices, improvements, ideas and so on.
acerhdf - control acer aspire one's fan
- version 0.5.30 has been released, supporting some new devices: acer 5755g, extensa 5420, aspire 5315 and aspire 5739. more here.
acerhdf - control acer aspire one's fan - workaround for 3.6+ kernels
- version 0.5.28b (workaround) has been uploaded, it does a workaround to run with 3.6+ kernels. real fix is under construction, more here.
mini tplink radio
- i built a tiny web radio device using tplink 703n router, a usb soundcard, mobile speaker and an atmel attiny85. more here.
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